Using TCM to Treat Chronic Inflammation, Arthritis, Joint Paint & Trauma (TCM-11USI000)

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Audience Naturopaths, acupuncturists
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Credits 6
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Instructor: Jake Paul Fratkin, OMD, LAc, Dipl.Ac., Dipl. CH. 6 PDAs approved for: NDs (except CA & OR), LAc NCCAOM PDAs, LAc's in CA. This package includes 6 Audio CDs and a copy of the presenter's handout on CD.

This seminar was originally recorded at Bastyr University in October 2011.

Chronic inflammation involves the inability to shut down first-responder inflammatory cytokines. Whereas modern biomedicine concentrates on the role of anti-inflammatories, Chinese herbal medicine takes the approach of combating inflammation while also regulating and boosting inner vitality. TCM treats inflammatory disorders as bi syndromes, with varying degrees of blood stagnation, dampness, heat or cold. We will look at internal and external herbal treatments for arthritis, fibromyalgia , joint pain and trauma. We will also discuss the mechanisms of nutritional and pharmaceutical medicines that are currently in use.

Upon completion of the home study you will be able to:

  • Describe the physiology of cytokine inflammatory response according to modern biomedicine.
  • Discuss research concerning anti-inflammatory properties of individual Chinese herbal medicines.
  • Describe at least three TCM herbal formulas for treatment of arthritis and trauma.
  • Identify at least three strategies for addressing fibromyalgia.
  • Describe at least three nutritional supplements for treatment of inflammation.

Course Notes

Post-course quiz must be completed with a score of 75 percent or higher to receive CEUs.


Jake Paul Fratkin, OMD, LAc, Dipl.Ac., Dipl. CH (NCCAOM) has trained in Korean and Japanese acupuncture since 1975, and Chinese herbal medicine since 1982. He spent a year in Beijing hospitals specializing in internal disorders and pediatrics. Dr. Fratkin is the author of Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines - The Clinical Desk Reference, a compendium of 1250 Chinese herbal products available in the U.S. He is the editor-organizer of Practical Therapeutics of Traditional Chinese Medicine,authored by Wu and Fischer, and is currently at work editing a book on autoimmune diseases for People’s Medical Publishing House. He is the recipient of Acupuncturist of the Year (1999) from the AAAOM, and Teacher of the Year (2006) from the American Association of Teachers of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AATAOM).