Naturopathic Approach to Chronic Pelvic Pain, Painful Bladder Syndrome, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Dermatology (Derm Therapies, Lesion Identification & Biopsies) (WANPHOME-08NAT000)

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Credits 9 in WA, 7 in OR
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Instructors: Various. 9 CEUs/CMEs approved for: NDs (except CA and OR), RNs & ARNPs in WA, MDs & PAs - Category II CMEs, 7 CEUs approved for Oregon NDs. This package contains 9 audio CDs and a CD with a copy of each speaker's handouts on CD.

This seminar was originally recorded at Bastyr University in November 2008.

Saturday, November 8, 2008
Naturopathic & Integrative Approaches to Managing Chronic Pain 6.0 CEUs

8:30am - 8:40              Welcome and Introduction – Robert Martinez, DC, ND
8:40am - 9:30              Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the PCP – Robert Martinez, DC, ND
9:30am - 10:45            Sleep and Pain: Interactions and Therapeutics – Catherine Darley, ND
11:15am - 12:15          When Mind and Body Communicate Emotion and the Body Keeps the Score
                                      – David Calof, D.A.P.A.
1:15pm - 2:15              Chronic Pelvic Pain & Painful Bladder Syndrome in Women: Diagnosis
                                      and Treatment – Katie Shaff, ND
2:15pm - 3:15              Chronic Pain in Primary Care - Everything but Narcotics– Melissa Weakland, MD
3:45pm - 5:00              Clinical Pearls, Case Presentations & Loose Cannons – Douglas Lewis, ND

Sunday, November 9, 2008
Dermatology for Naturopathic Physicians 3.0 CEUs

8:30-9:30 a.m. Psychological Factors in the Practice of Dermatology — Stuart Garrie, MD
9:30-10:30 a.m. Naturopathic Approach to Common Dermatolical Conditions: NM Dermatological Therapies Part 1 — Kevin Conroy, ND
11-11:30 a.m. Naturopathic Approach to Common Dermatolical Conditions: Lesion Identification Part 2 — Kevin Conroy
Note: CEUs not provided in home study version for Sunday 12:30-4:30 since this was a hands-on lab. No audio CD recording.