Advanced Acupuncture: Understanding & Treating the Mental & Emotional Elements for Better Clinical Results - Teachings from the Ancient Chinese Classical Texts - (ADVACUP-08ADV000)

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Instructor: Tran Viet Dzung, MD 13 CEUs This package includes a 7-DVD set.

Note:  We acknowledge that there are a few areas of this DVD recording that are not up to Bastyr's typical high standard.  Changes were made during the editing process that were beyond our control (i.e. there is a short area of blank recording; short portions of compromised sound quality).  However, we still believe that it is important to make Dr. Tran's instruction and demonstration available to practitioners.

This seminar was originally recorded at Bastyr University in March 2004. This home study includes lecture (Dr. Tran Viet Dzung speaking in French and simultaneous live translation into English by a translator) and patient treatment sessions by Dr Tran.

As a conscientious acupuncturist, it is imperative to consider the mental and emotional state of the patient when making a diagnosis and treatment plan. Very often, the emotional condition of the patient can be a contributing factor, if not the cause, of their illness. In addition, so many of our patients are taking mood stabilizing medications, such as antidepressants; this also needs to be taken into account when making a diagnosis and treatment plan. In order to be as effective as possible in our treatment and diagnosis, we must be able to understand the physiology and pathology of the mental and emotional state of our patients. According to the ancient medical texts, "The mental is to man as precious stones are to the earth." Tran adds to this by summarizing "Mental is everything!"

This home study goes into great depth on the mental state of well-being for each element, shedding light on how this healthy mental state (the Hun, the Shen, the Ye, the Po, and the Zhi) is formed as Acquired Immaterial Jing. You will learn the physiology and etiology of emotional balance (creativity, shen, thinking, sensitivity, and will), as well as emotional imbalance (anger, anxiety, worry/preoccupation, sadness/depression, fear/panic) and how this imbalance can lead to pathology — both mental and physical. You will learn how to treat patients with acute emotional imbalances and see immediate results, as well as how to treat chronic psychological and psychiatric conditions. You will learn many curious points from the NanJing and other ancient texts, as curious points are essential to employ when treating emotional imbalances as they relate to the Jing energy and Jing relates to the emotions.

The home study gives you practical information that will provide immediate results in all your patients. This course consists of approximately 4 hours of morning lecture on physiology, pathology and treatment of the mental aspect and emotional imbalances, as well as psychological and psychiatric conditions. The afternoons consists of treatments of four patients each day, where Tran will treat a challenging patient along with the patient's acupuncturist/physician. This is an invaluable part of the training as you will observe and learn Tran's effective needling technique, his accurate point location from the ancient texts (often different than what we learned), his point selection and most importantly his rigorous reasoning behind each point selection, based on the ancient texts. The reasoning behind energetic medicine (acupuncture) really matters in our practice, as this is what differentiates energetic medicine from western medicine. As many of us have come to observe in our practice, the action intended behind each chosen point (based on this reasoning) is far more imperative to achieving results than the point itself. All that you will learn in this seminar is based on the original ancient medical texts from 5000 years ago. This course will invite you to revisit the information you learned in your original training from a deeper theoretical and clinical perspective, by providing a direct link to a more comprehensive version of the ancient texts that we otherwise don't have access to in our training in this country.

Here are some words from Rose Haywood, who will be translating this class from French.

“In Dr. Tran’s classes, he first spends some time elaborating the concepts according to allopathic medicine and then 'makes the bridge' between the two medicines. So, for example, he'll go into the basic anatomy and (to some extent) physiology of the relevant system, noting key facts on an overhead slide. He then revisits these notes, step by step, and explains each according to TCM. He does this in a detailed and systematic way, which provides the participant a very unique learning opportunity.

“He then goes on to the treatment. The treatment protocols and points are unique and wonderful, first because they come straight from the Chinese medical classics, which were studied in great depth by Van Nghi and Tran, (classics that hailed from ancient Viet Nam, hence books which escaped the various purges that occurred over the centuries in mainland China). And the best part is that these treatments have been systematically verified in Tran's own practice, so that when he says 'You can use this point and that point but in my experience this point works better,' it is not just hot air.

“Not only this, but he gives his students all over the world 'homework' to do — verify the action of this point, that point etc. And they do. It's only in the USA that Tran's students are mostly non-MDs. In almost all of the other countries he visits, his students are medical doctors, mostly internists and specialists with massive medical and surgical hospital caseloads, so that when these guys do research, they have access to really sick people (and unconscious people — in Brazil they even did an experiment on a patient undergoing gallbladder surgery, doing a particular point to dilate the bile duct, and did X-rays of before and after! The results were visibly amazing). They report back to Tran on their experiments, write papers and teach other people. It's very exciting.

“Tran's material is serious cutting-edge. He can demonstrate that there really is only one medicine, with allopathy being the material aspect and TCM (energetic medicine) being the energetic aspect, without which one can't treat effectively. You leave his seminars feeling that you've learned something you could never get anywhere else. And you can use it the next day in your practice.”

Course Notes

Post-course quiz must be completed with a score of 75 percent or higher to receive CEUs.


Dr. Tran Viet Dzung, MD, is the faculty member in charge of acupuncture at the University of Medicine in Nice, France, and has been the assistant editor in chief of the Revue Francais de Medicine Traditionelle Chinoise since 1973. His achievements include founding member and president of the Association for Eastern Medicine, founder and member of honor of the Association of Physician Acupuncturists of America, and member of honor of the Medical American Academy of Acupuncture.

Dr. Tran is a world-renowned expert on the topic of acupuncture (energetic medicine). One of his greatest strengths in his teachings is transmitting, with passion, the rigorous reasoning inherent in acupuncture, as well as relating the strengths of energetic medicine to those of western medicine.Originally from Vietnam, Dr. Tran went to France for Medical School to become a surgeon. After ten years of practicing medicine as a surgeon in France, he came across, by chance, the world renowned acupuncturist/MD, Dr. Nguyen Van Nghi, and for next 30 plus years joined forces with Van Nghi in translating, clinically testing, and rewriting with commentary the only remaining set in the world of the ancient classical medical texts. Together, Dr.’s Van Nghi and Tran have translated over 10 books in French, including the LingShu, DaCheng, NanJing, NeiJing and others. In addition to continuing the translation efforts, Dr. Tran currently travels around the world transmitting this information to 1000's of physicians and acupuncturists in Brazil, Canada, Italy, Germany, Belgium, China, Vietnam, the USA etc. His goal is to transmit the rigorous reasoning inherent in Energetic Medicine (acupuncture) and to create the fusion of Western and Energetic Medicine in theory and practice. "Western Medicine and Energetic Medicine don't compete against each other, they complete each other" -Van Nghi.