Bastyr University Partners with La Vita Compounding Pharmacy

Bastyr University President Daniel K. Church signs a partnership with LaVita

Bastyr University is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement with La Vita Compounding Pharmacy to provide Bastyr patients in San Diego with easy access to high-quality prescription products.

“This is a big piece of the puzzle for our new California campus and clinic,” said Bastyr University President Daniel K. Church, PhD. “To have an established pharmacy where our patients can go to get their medications is a tremendous benefit and ensures we can hit the ground running from day one once we open this fall. That La Vita is located so close to campus is an added bonus.”

Both Bastyr University California (with its onsite teaching clinic) and La Vita Compounding Pharmacy are located on Sorrento Valley Boulevard, north of downtown San Diego. The pharmacy has been providing safe and customized medications for its patients since 2007, and is excited to become the preferred provider for Bastyr University California’s clinic.

“To partner with the largest school of natural medicine in the country, and the first accredited naturopathic school in the state of California is something of which we are very proud,” said La Vita co-founder Deb Hubers. “We feel like there is a natural connection with our missions and visions on how to best serve patients in need, and are excited to be the place Bastyr patients can go to get vitamins, supplements and other medical supplies in San Diego.”

Patients of the Bastyr clinic will also have reason to be excited, as they will receive a discount on purchases and prescriptions at La Vita.

“We look forward to working together and stocking the shelves of La Vita Compound Pharmacy with the medicines, herbs and supplements Bastyr patients want and need the most,” added  LaVita co-founder Chris Givant.

About LaVita Compounding Pharmacy, LLC

La Vita Compounding Pharmacy is a state of the art compounding pharmacy that specializes in helping people live better longer. La Vita is a PCAB Accredited Pharmacy® for both sterile and non-sterile compounding. La Vita can prepare customized medications in various dosage forms using several unique delivery systems such as transdermal gels, powders, creams, lotions, lozenges, suppositories and more. They offer a variety of combinations and customized formulations not found anywhere else. All of their products are formulated in conjunction with a physician and personalized for each patient. La Vita accepts all major insurance.

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