Bastyr Student Union Kicks off Black History Month

February 1 marked the beginning of the month long, nationwide celebration of Black culture. The newly-formed Bastyr Student Union beautifully kicked off Black History Month with poetry readings at the Kenmore campus.

Students and staff first enjoyed two presentations: a reading of Langston Hughes’ poem "Let America Be America Again" by Heather Branstetter, a third-year student in the Naturopathic Medicine program; and a presentation of "Flashy Words," written by poet Shihan and read by Erin Arney, a second-year student in the dual degree ND-MACP program.

After the presentations, Zamir Brown, a head chair of the Student Union, shared a few words on the importance of inclusivity and fostering unions among all students within all academic programs.  

The following is a list of upcoming events in honor of Black History Month, open to the public:

  • Monday, February 6th, TED Talk and Discussion: “Give Racism a Chance.” Rm. 176, 12 - 12:50 pm.
  • Monday, February 13th, TED Talk and Discussion: “Color Brave not Color Blind.” Rm. 176 12 - 12:50 pm.
  • Wednesday, February 15th, Panel Discussion: "Importance of Diversity and Multiculturalism in Healthcare," Rm. 176, 6 pm.
  • Tuesday, February 21st, TED Talk and Discussion: “Mary Bassett: Why your doctor should care about social justice.” Rm. 176, 12 - 12:50 pm.
  • Friday, February 24th, Film Screening: "13th." Rm. 176, 6 pm
  • Monday, February 27th, TED Talk and Discussion: “Prison Industrial Complex.” Rm. 176, 12 - 12:50 pm.

Next month, the Bastyr Student Union will celebrate Women’s Appreciation Month and invites the community to participate in inclusive events, also open to the public.

The Bastyr Student Union seeks to “affirm and protect students from all walks of life whether they be related to; race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, abilities, age, size, religion, and political affiliation.” One of their primary goals is to work with campus staff and security in the recording of incidents on campus related to identity and inclusivity. After obtaining this knowledge, the Bastyr Student Union will work to facilitate events and discussions based on the incidents on campus, in the hopes that students not only stay informed, but can also work towards making students feel welcome in the Bastyr community.

For further information about the Black History Month events or the Student Union, contact Zamir at