Student Complaints

Current students - follow the steps below to file a complaint.

Complaint Filing Process

Current students are encouraged to utilize the complaint process established by Bastyr University, as published in the Student Handbook. Prospective students who wish to make a complaint should contact Susan Weider, Dean of Students, at (425) 602-3000. 

Seattle Students

If you are unable to resolve your concern(s) internally with Bastyr University, you may contact the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC), the University’s responsible state agency, to file a complaint at Washington Student Achievement Council. 

File Complaint Here

San Diego Students

In addition to filing an official complaint with WSAC, Bastyr University California students may also contact the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE). Please refer to Bastyr University’s current list of states and territories for further information.

File Complaint Here

Military Students

Active U.S. military service members, veterans and their family members may access the Department of Defense's Postsecondary Education Complaint System. 

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