Things to Know Before You Register

The Office of the Registrar's main reception is in room #249.

Bastyr University operates on the quarter system. The University's quarter is 11 weeks long. (Summer quarter classes are generally eight; summer clinic is 11 weeks.) Eleven hours of class constitute one credit hour, and 22 hours of lab/practicum constitute one credit hour.

Registration for continuing students takes place in the spring for the summer and fall quarters and in the fall for winter and spring quarters. New students are automatically registered for their fall quarter courses before orientation week.

Electronic course add/drop/withdrawal forms are found under the Registrar tab on MyBU. Classes may be added or dropped from a student's schedule through the add/drop period (ending the close of the first week of each quarter). Withdrawal from classes is not permitted during the final three weeks of a quarter (the refund schedule can be found in the quarterly Academic Calendar in the Registrar's section of MyBU and in the University catalog).

In no case may a course be dropped or withdrawn from after the course has ended. Students must check with the registrar for specific deadlines. 

Who to Talk to When Registering for Classes

The following is a list of staff members in the registrar's office with their specialties. If you do not see your concerns addressed in this list, please call (425) 602-3089.

Aracelly Salazar - Registrar - (425) 602-3011

  • Academic policy questions
  • Curriculum issues
  • Legal/professional standards for records, registration and curriculum
  • Computer records
  • International student/immigration issues
  • Canadian tax records
  • Catalog review and editing
  • Notary public

Michael Hall - Assistant Registrar - (425) 602-3010

  • General registration questions
  • Veterans benefits/government tuition assistance
  • Grade entry/grade changes
  • Employee and alumni registration
  • Room assignments
  • Quarterly schedule

Rhonda Moore - Program Coordinator - (425) 602-3404

  • General registration questions
  • Diploma orders & distribution
  • Graduation applications
  • Leave of absence coordination
  • Student mail folders
  • Grade changes/entry

Who to Talk to When Registering for Clinical Shifts

Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Counseling and Nutrition Students

Clinic - Rich Petke, ND - (425) 602-3406

  • Clinic registration/questions for all clinical studies students
  • Clinic grade entry and grade changes
  • Clinic entry eligibility verification
  • Tracking clinical progress and completion of clinical requirements
  • Maintenance of student clinical records
  • Data management

Contact an Academic Advisor

The academic advisors in the registrar’s office advise students on issues related to completion of their programs. They are especially helpful with questions related to registration. This includes the effects of adding and dropping courses, changing program tracks, electives, transfers, waivers and substitution of credits, changing major or degree plans, and other issues related to degree requirements. Students may access their degree audits on the student web portal, MyBU and are welcome to meet with their advisors to review the audits and discuss their program plans. Dropping required classes places students at risk of becoming “off-track,” which could affect financial aid and delay graduation for a year, since many courses are sequential and only offered once annually.

Tina Godsey, MS  - Advisor/Evaluator - California campus - (858) 246-9673

  • Academic advising for naturopathic medicine
  • Graduation evaluations
  • International Students
  • Degree auditing/posting
  • Naturopathic Doctor five-year track advising
  • NPLEX exam verification
  • Transfer/waiver of credit

Jean Fitzharris - Advisor/Evaluator - (425) 602-3401

  • Academic advising for acupuncture & Oriental medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, MS ayurvedic sciences, MA counseling psychology, ND/AOM dual track, ND/MACP dual majors, BS/MS midwifery, ND/midwifery dual major, Masters in Public Health, and Master in Maternal Child Health Systems
  • Graduation evaluations
  • Degree auditing/posting
  • NCCAOM verifications
  • Transfer/waiver of credit
  • Acupuncture and Oriental medicine exam/license verification

Matthew Cartner, MEd - Advisor/Evaluator - (425) 602-3012

  • Academic advising for Naturopathic Medicine
  • Graduation evaluations
  • Degree auditing/posting
  • Naturopathic Doctor five-year track advising
  • NPLEX exam verification
  • Transfer/waiver of credit
  • International Students

Gail Hilderbrand - Advisor/Evaluator - (425) 602-3013

  • Academic advising for BS Exercise Science and Wellness, BS Herbal Sciences, BS Integrated Human Biology, BS Nutrition (including BSNCA, BSNX, BSN), BS Health Psychology, MS Nutrition, MS Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology, MS Nutrition with DPD, Master of Science in Nutrition for Wellness (California Campus Only)
  • Graduation evaluations
  • Degree auditing/posting
  • Undergraduate evaluations
  • Transfer/waiver of credit
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