Bastyr University Research Institute

The Bastyr University Research Institute is dedicated to the continued advancement of natural health practices, further developing faculty research skills and resources, and training students in research methods and design. Using rigorous scientific method, researchers study and document therapeutic systems often involving centuries-old, empirically derived practices.

Center for Student Research

Rigorous scientific research is a core function of Bastyr University, and students play an important role in that process alongside the faculty. The Bastyr University Center for Student Research is the central point of contact for students who desire to do research. The center informs students about all ongoing research projects at Bastyr and links students to appropriate faculty mentors by research interest. The center also provides funding, through competitive awards, for faculty-student research projects.

Clinical Research Center

The Bastyr Clinical Research Center is a fully equipped medical research facility. Bastyr research scientists gather clinical data at the center with the help of members of the general public, who can participate in ongoing clinical studies.

Integrative Oncology Research

Oncology Research is helping researchers understand whether an integration of natural therapies with conventional care can help people with cancer live longer, healthier and happier. Learn More.