Department of Nutrition & Exercise Science

Meet Alumnus Jeff Johnson, Kashi's "Surfing Nutritionist at Large"

Jeff Johnson sitting against a tree and laughing

Erin Moran, DAOM ('10), MS ('01)

Portrait of Erin Moran

Exercise Grad Mixes Massage with Wellness Counseling

Kit Rodiek with partner.

Michelle Ohlson, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Wellness ('08)

Neonatal Dietitian Alumna Continues Learning Around the World

Tarynne Mingione holding infant in Sierra Leone.

Exercise Science Graduate, Brandon Dudley, BS ('03) Helps Counsel Athletes

Portrait of Brandon Dudley, BS

Eliza Carlson, BS ('00), MS ('07)

Portrait of Eliza Carlson, BS ('00), MS ('07)

Diane Meehan, MS, RD

Portrait of Diane Meehan, MS, RD

Maureen Keane, MS

Portrait of Maureen Keane, MS

Susan Levin, MS, RD

Portrait of Susan Levin, MS, RD