Biological and Psychological Health Effect of Ramadan Study (HERS)

Close-up of Muslim woman starting the fast with dua at Suhoor during Ramadan


Principal Investigator: Masa Sasagawa, ND, PhD Identifier: NCT04846075

This observational study collects data on blood neurotransmitter and neuromodulator levels of subjects observing Ramadan. Additional information collected are a diet record, mood and perceived stress using validated surveys at three time points: a) before starting Ramadan, b) at the midpoint evaluation, and c) at the end of Ramadan. Three additional dispositional factors collected at the beginning and at the end are: a) sense of belonging, b) purpose in life (sense of coherence), and c) empathy (interpersonal reactivity index). The subjects are also individually interviewed on their experience of Ramadan as narrative data.