Bachelor of Science in Herbal Sciences

Study traditional herbalism and prepare for a career in the booming herbal products industry.

Program Overview

Now more than ever, people are looking for herbal remedies and natural products. Modern medicine is informed by nature, and the evidence is growing all around us. Which remedies are based in science, and which aren’t? You’ll study plants root to leaf and learn the history and culture behind their use.   

Graduates of this program are prepared to enter the herbal products field directly as botanical medicine experts or can go on to pursue further education in related areas. You’ll bridge the gap between traditional herbal wisdom and evidence-informed science.  

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Program Length

2 years, full time


$673/credit hour (average)

Program Highlights


partnerships for studying abroad opportunities


Annual Growth in the Herbal Industry


number of species of herbs from Western, Chinese, Ayurvedic, and First Nations traditions growing in the Bastyr Gardens

Program Details

General Cell Biology w/lab (for science majors) - 1 course

General Chemistry w/lab (for science majors) - 2 courses

College Algebra - 1 course

General Education Requirements

Arts and Humanities - 5 courses

English and Composition - 2 courses

Other Courses - 3 courses

Social and Behavioral Sciences - 5 courses

General Psychology- 1 course

 Public Speaking - 1 course

Other Courses - 3 courses

Natural Science and Mathematics - 5 courses

Major-Based Prerequisite Courses - 4 courses

Other Course - 1 course

General Electives - 3 courses or more

TOTAL 90 quarter/60 semester credits

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Bastyr accepts graduate and undergraduate transfer credits earned at accredited colleges and universities. Learn what you need to make this process go smoothly.

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  • Herbal industry representative, consultant, formulator, manufacturer, or manager 
  • Quality assurance specialist 
  • Teacher/instructor at an herbal school 
  • Production and processing specialist 
  • Researcher 
  • Herb cultivator or wildcrafter 
  • Work in the health/wellness/supplements/cosmetics industry 
  • Preparation for graduate studies in natural medicine, ethnobotany, acupuncture and East Asian, phytotherapy, botany, horticulture, pharmacognosy, pharmacology, medicine, nursing, or nutrition