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Audience This seminar is designed for acupuncturists and students of TCM, but is not limited to them only. While an understanding of TCM thinking and the use of acupuncture and Chinese herbs is extremely beneficial, it is not essential.
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Instructor: Raven Lang, OMD, LAc. 13.5 CEUs/PDAs approved for: NDs (except CA & OR), LAc's in CA. This package includes a 7 DVD set and booklet.

TCM and other complementary practitioners address many issues of women’s health, however, in most TCM training, not enough emphasis is placed on those particular aspects of women’s health that encompass pregnancy, labor and birth, and early mothering. It is essential for practitioners of women’s health to have a thorough understanding of these health states so that they will feel adequately prepared to treat the problems that arise safely and effectively.

It is equally important that the practitioner understands not only how to recognize abnormal conditions in reproductive health, but also how to recognize what is normal and needs to be left alone. By doing this, it is possible to guide a woman into the profound state of reproduction that embraces her spirit and strength, and produces a healthy mother and a healthy child.

The Art and Science of Obstetrics Part One – The First Trimester workshop combines physiology, psychology, science and spirituality to present the a complete picture of the first trimester of pregnancy and will demystify the reproductive state.

This seven-DVD series covers the psychology of reproduction, counseling for first trimester, early signs and symptoms of pregnancy, anemia, diet and nutrition, threatened miscarriage, habitual miscarriage, inevitable miscarriage, morning sickness, hyperemesis, and referrals for community services.

The practitioner will come away with a deeper understanding of childbearing, and will have the knowledge necessary to deal with problems that can arise during that time.

Case histories and stories related to each subject will be presented from Raven’s experience as a midwife, a mother, and a TCM practitioner.

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Course Notes

Post test must be completed with an accuracy of 75% or better to receive continuing education credit.


Raven Lang, OMD, LAc : Forty-one years ago Raven Lang gave birth to her first child. Within the following year she was teaching classes in natural childbirth and began her education in direct midwifery. In 1972 she authored the first book on home birth and opened the first birth center in North America. For the next ten years she worked as a midwife, founded the Institute of Feminine Arts, the first non-medical school for midwifery in the United States, and shared her knowledge with apprentices and students during each step of her journey.

In 1982 Raven began her studies in TCM and and a year later was blessed with a three-year apprenticeship with Dr. Miriam Lee, a nurse midwife from China and one of the first licensed acupuncturists in California.

Raven incorporates her knowledge of midwifery, mothering, and traditional medicine (both American and Asian) in her work and brings a wealth of experience to those she serves.

She is a dynamic teacher and teaches subjects as diverse as the politics and history of women’s health, parenting, and the science and art of obstetrics and pediatrics. Her teaching reaches into the well of life, using poetry, art, politics, mothering, psychology, the medical arts, and unique instructions in the skills of observation.

Raven practices TCM in Santa Cruz, California specializing in women’s medicine and pediatrics.