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Credits 7
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Instructors: Various. 7 CEUs/CMEs approved for: NDs (except CA), RNs & ARNPs in WA, MDs & PAs - Category II CMEs. This home study contains 8 audio CDs and a copy of each presenter's handouts.

This seminar was originally recorded at a seminar sponsored by Tahoma Clinic held in Seattle in April 2009.

"Copy Nature" — Jonathan Wright, MD

"Introduction to Steroids" — Wendy Ellis, ND

"Safety of Bio-Identical Hormones" — Wendy Ellis, ND

"Practical Applications for Women" — Christa Hinchcliffe, ND

"Practical Applications for Men" — Jonathan Wright, MD

"Life in the Office Trenches: A Discussion on MRSA, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Thyroid Reverse T3, & Gluten Recognition" — David Lamson, ND

"Overview of Adrenal Hormones" — Christa Hinchcliffe, ND

"DHEA and Autoimmunity" — Wendy Ellis, ND

"Breast Thermography" — Olivia Franks, ND

"Urine Testing Versus Saliva and Serum Testing" — Olivia Franks, ND

"Case Presentations and Lab Interpretation" — Jonathan Wright, MD; Christa Hinchcliffe, ND; Wendy Ellis, ND

Course Notes

Post-course quiz must be completed with a score of 75 percent or higher to receive CEUs.