Sound Therapy: Basic & Advanced Spiral of 5ths Tuning Fork Training (SOUND - 19TUNE10)

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October 12 2019 8:30 am   through   October 13 2019 6:00 pm
14500 Juanita Dr. NE
Bastyr University
See location under description.
Kenmore, WA 98028-4966
Phone: 425-896-6717
Professional (with CEUs) $ 360.00
Bastyr/NIAOM Alumni (including CEUs) $ 324.00
Full-Time Students $ 95.00
Bastyr Faculty $ 270.00
Campus Kenmore Campus
Audience students in health care program, naturopathic doctors, medical doctors & physician assistants, nurses & nurse practitioners, massage therapists, reflexologists
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Are you looking for a simple, effective way to bring sound therapy into your practice and life? This interactive training covers information about relaxation and stress reduction through the application of pairs of tuning forks held at the ears.


Course date: Saturday - Sunday, October 12 & 13, 2019
Course times: 8:30 am - 6 pm 
Instructor: Arden Wilken (16 PDAs, CEUs).

Description: Since 2002 scientific studies have demonstrated that the use of tuning forks can make a significant statistical difference in client-assessed stress and pain levels. In this seminar you will learn to use pairs of Spiral of 5ths tuning forks to explore this subtle yet effective modality. Learn the basic effects of sound in the body, assess patient/client sensitivity to tuning forks used as sound therapy, conduct session protocols, and identify the over-activation symptoms and counter-indications. These techniques are appropriate to use on yourself, your family and patients/clients with physical, emotional and/or mental issues in a variety of settings including long-term and end-of-life care. The two-day training includes lecture, discussion, demonstration and plenty of time for hands-on practice.

Upon completion of this seminar you will be able to:

  • List two counter-indications for use of Spiral of 5ths tuning forks.
  • Describe two over-activation symptoms and remedies.
  • Demonstrate good body mechanics and application techniques.
  • List seven frequency ranges that affect different parts of the body and field.
  • Demonstrate a basic 15 minute, full body/field relaxation session.
  • Demonstrate short sessions of Spiral of 5ths tuning forks to target seven segments of the body and field.
  • Demonstrate three protocols with different pairs of Spiral of 5ths tuning forks to support deeper relaxation of the sacrum, pelvis- hips, legs, feet and field.
  • Demonstrate three protocols with different pairs of tuning forks to support deeper relaxation of the cervical vertebras - jaw, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and field.
  • Demonstrate one protocol with different pairs of tuning forks to support deeper relaxation of the entire spine, body and field.
  • Demonstrate two protocols with different pairs of tuning forks to reduce anxiety.
  • Demonstrate seven protocols with different pairs of tuning forks to relax dysfunctional habits and behaviors.
  • Demonstrate three protocols with different pairs of tuning forks to relax control issues and build self-esteem.

Course note: There is no obligation to purchase tuning forks to attend. Tuning forks will be available for your use during the training and for purchase after class. If you wish to purchase tuning forks, both complete and partial sets will be available ranging from $130 for a set of two tuning forks to a full set of 14 for $605. A pouch, rubber activator and wooden hammer are included with each set.

Course Fee Includes: A 140 page training manual.

Please Bring: Personal water bottle (filtered water dispensers available on campus for refil).

Please Wear: Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.

Meals: One hour lunch break - Bring a sack lunch or eat in Bastyr's dining commons.

Location: Bastyr University Kenmore Campus, room 133. Basyr University is housed in an older facility with fluctuating interior temperatures; it is advisable to wear layers. Also, Bastyr is a "fragrance- free" campus.

Eligible for 16 CEUs, PDAs, CMEs, CPEUs, and/or CEs for the following professions:

ND (licensed in Washington)

MD & PA - Category II CMEs (those licensed in WA)

ARNP & RN (licensed in WA)

LMT (licensed in WA)

CA LAc (licensed through the CA Acupuncture Board) Category 1; CEP 453

Cancellation, transfer and refund policy can be found here

About the Instructor

Arden Wilken, LMT

Arden Wilken is an American musician, composer of therapeutic music (29 CDs), sound therapist and body worker. She is co-founder of INNER SOUND (est.1978), an original system of sound therapy and therapeutic music. She developed the session protocols and the Basic & Advanced trainings for the INNER SOUND Spiral of 5ths tuning forks.  She co-authored with Jack Wilken the peer-reviewed article “Our Sonic Pathways”. (Journal of Subtle Energy & Energy Medicine, 16, (3) - January 23, 2007 Find Arden on Linkedin or