June 24 2022 1:00 pm
2875 Dewey Rd, San Diego McMillin Event Center at Liberty Station
San Diego, CA 92103
Campus Off-campus
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Celebrate Bastyr University's 2022 graduates at Benaroya Hall.


Liberty Station
Building 177
Lytton Street
San Diego, CA 92106

Parking Information

Graduates, click here for more information on graduation including ticket, regalia and photography information. 

Ceremony Times:

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Friday, June 24 


Guest Information

Guests may take photos or video of the event, but please NO balloons, confetti, air horns or similar items are allowed in or around the building.  There are two large parking lots with free parking easy walking distance of the facility. Guests should plan to arrive no sooner than noon, but at noon they may enter the Center and find seating.  Only guests with tickets in hand will be allowed to enter and be seated.  Please direct your guests to the following website for information about Liberty Station - http://libertystation.com/directory/

Post Commencement: 

Once the ceremony is over, we will have a gathering outside at the large fountain directly adjacent to the Building 177.  Prior to the ceremony, graduates will have left their personal items in an adjacent building, so please remember to collect your things.  You may keep your regalia.  There are many restaurants in the Liberty Station area, so you and your family may want to stay and enjoy the area after the reception.