Bastyr University Introduces Indigenous Wisdom Teachings Program

Photos courtesy Lauren Nalder.
Woman on a massage table with two women performing healing motions.

Become a healer of mind, body and spirit through Bastyr University’s new Indigenous Wisdom Teachings noncredit training program.  

In the workshops starting in fall 2012, instructor Lauren Nalder will guide you on a journey to your inner landscape while awakening your ability to heal.

“I provide profound experiences that offer a lifetime of healing benefits to anyone seeking emotional well-being, increased physical health and vitality, or spiritual awakening,” she says. 

Nalder, instructor and owner of The Center for Elemental Healing and Wisdom, draws upon her own training and client experience grounded in the living teachings and cultural wisdom of indigenous peoples to help guide participants to a place where they fully trust themselves and their instincts, as well as to speak and act from a place of authenticity.

The program through Bastyr’s Department of Certificate, Community and Continuing Education offers two tracks:

  • Inner Journey – Seven sequential classes during the course of a year focus on awakening one’s ability to heal and come into right relationship with oneself. This is the path of personal power, inner truth and connection to soul’s purpose. The inner journey leads to greater balance, clarity and direction in all aspects of one’s life. The Inner Journey can stand by itself or can be followed by a second year.
  • Wisdomkeeper – The second year comprises 10 courses in which participants deepen their understanding of specialized energy-healing techniques, the use of ritual and ceremony, and put their authentic voice into action as healers.

Nalder says her program is unique because she believes everybody has the ability to become a healer. “The ability to become a healer and re-ignite others to the passion in their lives is within each of us,” she says.

Another highlight of the program is an annual meditative and ceremonial retreat. The first retreat will be a celebratory trip to the Yucatan Peninsula to visit Mayan ruins and sacred sites in June 2013.

Indigenous Wisdom Teachings will be open to all health care professionals and the general public. “This program is for anyone who can ask the question ‘What more can I do for myself, my family, fellow humans and my planet?’” Nalder says.

Online registration is now open for the first two classes of the Inner Journey track:

The first Wisdomkeeper class also is available:

You also are invited to learn more about the Indigenous Wisdom Teachings Program and other non-credit programs available through Bastyr’s Certificate, Community and Continuing Education during a free Information Session: Non-Credit Programs from 6-9 p.m. Sept. 10. 



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