Student Research Symposium Showcases Investigations into Natural Medicine

Student naturopathic medcine researchers: Travis Simpson, Michele Milligan and Jila Misaghi-Benabi.

Bastyr University held its annual Student Research Symposium on June 3, offering more than 30 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students a chance to showcase their research projects. The students chose topics of their choice and worked with a faculty mentor. Many of the projects were funded by the Center for Student Research

Here are a few examples of the research presented:

Comparison of the Cell Killing Ability of Whole Rhizome Herbal Extracts Containing Podophyllotoxin to Pure Podophyllotoxin Standard

Students: Michele Milligan, Jila Misaghi-Benabi and Travis Simpson Faculty: Kaleb C. Lund, PhD

Assessing Microbe Presence and Organic Acid Content of Commercially Prepared Kombucha

Student: Katherine Leonard
 Faculty: Lev Elson-Schwab, PhD, Kaleb C. Lund, PhD and Rebecca R. Achterman, PhD

The Antifungal Effect of Allium sativum Extracts on Trichophyton equinum

Students: Debra Daniels and Leesa Kim
 Faculty: Rebecca R. Achterman, PhD

For more information contact Diane Spicer, DN, MS, a core faculty member in the Department of Basic Sciences and the director of the undergraduate Integrated Human Biology program, at