Melinda Bower, ND, Among 13 Alumni Honored as Seattle's "Top Docs"

Melinda Bower, ND

Just three years after earning a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University, Melinda Bower, ND (‘12), has been recognized by her peers as one of the region’s “Top Docs” in the August edition of Seattle Metropolitan magazine.

“Bastyr prepared me to be a very well-rounded primary care doctor, especially with my residency that I did at Bastyr Center for Natural Health. I felt that I had a great foundation and was comfortable with 98% of things that came my way,” says Dr. Bower, who also completed a yearlong naturopathic residency at Bastyr Center for Natural Health in 2014. “The remaining 2 percent comes from being involved with my patients and learning how to encourage and implement lifelong change in their health.”

The annual Top Docs list asks area medical experts to recommend and vote on the best health care providers and who they would recommend to patients, family and friends. Dr. Bower was among 13 Bastyr alumni who made this year’s list.

Dr. Bower graduated from Bastyr University in 2012 and works in a naturopathic primary care clinic in Seattle. While Dr. Bower considers herself lucky to be where she is, her knowledge and interest in business aided her in starting her career. Her most important piece of advice to students is to learn how to market yourself. “Learn how to set up your business so you’re doing what you really love and so that your passion shines,” says Dr. Bower, “decide how you want to work so you can get to that place where you can start welcoming your patients and start changing the world.”

Dr. Bower remains on the faculty at Bastyr University teaching classes in gynecology and botanical medicine. In the future, she plans to create a healthy living webinar series to reach a more general audience that creates an interactive environment for her listeners and patients.

“I’m trying to do some soul searching to really figure out what brings me joy in this work and what’s the best way to get what I think is important out to the world.”

Dr. Bower described the Top Doc wall located in her office that displays names of Top Doc recipients from the last decade and what an honor it is to now be among them.

“I’ll never forget the first time my husband came to my office,” Dr. Bower says. ”He was looking at this wall and said ‘Wow, maybe in five years my wife will be on that wall.’”

Dr. Bower not only made the wall, but she only took three years to earn a spot. Bower feels especially honored because she even uses the Top Doc list herself and thinks it’s ”a nice resource for everybody.”

Other Top Docs winners affiliated to Bastyr University include:


  • Donna Smith, MS, LAc (’13)
  • Eva Young, MS (’11)

Natural Sports Medicine

  • Brian Perry, MS, LAc (’04)

Transgender health

  • Serena McKenzie, ND (’04)

Naturopathic Medicine

  • Kim Celmer, ND (’97)
  • David Deicher, ND (’05)
  • Hatha Gbedawo, ND (’03)
  • Janci Karp, ND (’07)
  • Jennifer Lush, ND (’01)
  • Katherine Oldfield, ND (’00)
  • Aurora Sedmak, ND (’07)

Family Medicine Physician Assistants

  • Michael Corsiller, ND (’02)