Nutrition Students Share Passion with Cookbook

Student cookbook on table with student cutting fruit in the background

Kelsey Perusse isn't just the president of the Bastyr University Student Nutrition Association, she's also the editor and the brainchild of the new cookbook that the student organization recently released called Stories and Recipes: An Ode to Bastyr University from the Student Nutrition Assocation.

Perusse, who is graduating next month with a Master of Science in Nutrition/Didactic Program in Dietetics degree, also has been leading free quarterly cooking demonstrations the past two years at Bastyr Center for Natural Health with fellow book contributer Mirit Markowitz. Two of the recipes they've shared over the years that are included in the cookbook include:

Perusse will give one final cooking demonstration with cookbook contributers Katherine Ratliff and Emily Haymond from 10:30 a.m. to noon Saturday, June 11, 2016, at the Bastyr Nutrition Student Cookbook Release Party.

The cookbook raises money for nutrition student scholarships and is available at the Bastyr Dispensary or through the Student Nutrition Association by emailing

You can learn a little about Perusse's path that brought her to Bastyr and her passion for cooking in this excerpt from the cookbook:

Letter from the Editor

The meals I cook for people are not only full of nourishing ingredients but love. Cooking began for me in my parents’ kitchen when I was 3 years old, and I have been drawn to cooking ever since. After a detour earning a degree in business, I returned to a focus on food.

I still remember my first official job as a chef. While making soba noodle rolls, I smiled to myself and realized how blessed I was to love my work. I still feel that way! Every time I teach a cooking class or step into someone’s home as a private chef, I smile – my heart is so happy. Is this really my job? What a gift!

From the time I started Bastyr, I wanted to create a cookbook. The community of encouraging professors and supportive friends who share my passion for nutrition and health has created an environment that feels magical to me, helping me realize this dream. I brought to Bastyr experiences gained in my 20s — working in professional kitchens, training at Natural Gourmet Institute, and reading many nutrition books, magazines and websites. I came primed to learn everything Bastyr could teach, and I received so much more, in particular the confidence to share my passion for what I have learned and continue to learn about nutrition.

As you read this book, you can see that I am not alone in my experience. As students, we have grown together at Bastyr. I hope you enjoy these stories and recipes, and that a little of the Bastyr “magic” and love that went into creating these recipes appears in your kitchen.

— Kelsey Perusse



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