Expanded Services for Diabetes & Cardiovascular Wellness

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Seattle native Brenden Smith, ND saw firsthand the effects that diabetes and cardiovascular disease had on patients when he was an undergraduate, through his work at Northwest Hospital as a physical therapy aide helping run Easy Street, a rehabilitation clinic.  It was here that he observed the positive effects of integrating the mind, body, and spirit into rehabilitation.  Witnessing this, inspired him to go on to become a Naturopathic Physician, the first chief resident of Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr Center for Natural Health (BCNH) and ultimately to lead the Diabetes and Cardiovascular Wellness clinic (DCWC) at BCNH.  

The Diabetes and Cardiovascular Wellness Clinic (DCWC) at BCNH offers patients a comprehensive and holistic approach to these conditions and holds the patient and their wellness at the center of their care. Through the mission of the Center, the DCWC concentrates on evidence-based medicine and shared decision making with patients.  This ensures that each patient can feel confident that their care evolves around their preferences and values, the best evidence available, and the clinical naturopathic expertise of our physicians and holistic team.

Patients come to the DCWC at all stages of health, from those who have prediabetes and are seeking a holistic preventative approach, to those with heart failure who want to discuss “health” in the face of disease. Those we serve come for both primary management as well as adjunctive care and providers work with each patient’s greater health care team – from referrals to local cardiologists to massage therapy and acupuncture.

Drawing on naturopathic principles of strengthening the foundations of health, and doing the least harm, patients find themselves receiving intensive counseling on diet and exercise, prevention, discussion and prescription of natural products, prescription medications and management, and comprehensive team care with specialists. We see that when more time is spent understanding our patients, answering their questions and walking them through decisions about their own health, our patients feel more confident and in control of their diabetes or cardiovascular disease care.

The Diabetes and Cardiovascular Wellness Clinic is just one arm of the Center for Diabetes and Cardiovascular Wellness. The Center also provides continuing education events for physicians to improve the care outside Bastyr’s walls, engages with local and national organizations to improve the health of patients outside of office visits, and pushes research forward to identify the most effective care and management of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The Diabetes and Cardiovascular Wellness Clinic is housed at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health in Seattle, WA. The Diabetes and Cardiovascular Wellness Clinic is run by the director Brendan Smith ND and faculty Marisa Pellegrini ND along with their student clinicians training for expertise in these areas. Our team also includes collaboration with Kelly Morrow RD and the Bastyr Nutrition program as well as Physical Medicine and other services provided at Bastyr as may be needed by each individual patient.



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