Bastyr and AOMA Discontinue Plans for Affiliation

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KENMORE (November 1, 2017) – Earlier this year, Bastyr University announced that AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine would join the school of Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine at Bastyr to become the AOMA Graduate School  of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at Bastyr. While mission aligned and mutually admired within the integrative health and medicine field, leadership of both Bastyr University and AOMA Graduate School have reached a mutual agreement to discontinue the affiliation.   

Following a significant change in both administrative and academic leadership at Bastyr, the University has come to reexamine its priorities as an institution—notably, the ability to successfully develop a third campus and new school in Austin, Texas. For Bastyr, this is a critical period of leadership transition, with the University seeking to name its next new permanent president in early 2018. At this time, Bastyr is committed to focusing its priorities on investing in academic and clinical advancements that will further grow and strengthen the master’s- and doctorate-level acupuncture and Oriental medicine programs at its Kenmore campus and its Seattle teaching clinic, as well as in securing a permanent home for its campus and clinic in the San Diego community.

Bastyr University will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year, as AOMA celebrates its 25th anniversary. Leadership at both organizations concludes that continuing as separate and distinctly unique institutions of academic and clinical excellence will have the greatest potential to bring forth the highest success for each of these top-ranking institutions, both of whom are leaders nationally in their respective fields.


About Bastyr:

Bastyr University is a nonprofit, private university offering graduate and undergraduate degrees, with a multidisciplinary curriculum in science-based natural medicine. Recognized globally for its rigorous curriculum and strong research, the University has a primary campus in Kenmore, Washington, and a second campus in San Diego, California. Bastyr's international faculty teaches the natural health sciences with an emphasis on integrating mind, body, spirit and nature. A pioneer in natural medicine since its inception, Bastyr continues to be in the forefront of developing the model for 21st-century medicine. For more information please visit:

About AOMA:

AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine currently offers regionally accredited master's-level and doctoral-level graduate programs in acupuncture and Chinese  medicine that prepare students for careers as skilled, professional practitioners. Since AOMA’s founding in 1993, the institution has grown rapidly in size and reputation, drawing students and faculty nationally and worldwide.  AOMA is an active member of the national and international healthcare community and remains committed to scholarship, research, patient care and leadership  in both Chinese medicine and integration with other healthcare systems of care. For more information please visit:


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