Student Commencement Speakers

Graduates throwing grad caps into the air

In the next few days, Bastyr graduates 303 new leaders into the world of natural health arts and sciences. Prior to the commencement ceremony, these student speakers shared their finals thoughts about Bastyr.

Seattle Campus

Undergraduate Speaker – Camila Agurto, Bachelor of Science in Herbal Sciences

“Bastyr has reminded me that I am resilient and surprised me of what I’m capable of in terms of succeeding and working towards my goals, some that I could not have imagined. It gave me the tools with some guidelines for what lies ahead with me being the vessel to create it.” 

Graduate Speaker – Amanda Bloom, Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology

"The community learning environment at Bastyr fostered the knowledge that it is not necessary nor even possible to find all of my answers in one teacher. My cohort proved to me that there are many teachers in the room if I am brave enough to lean in and listen." 

Doctoral Speaker – Chaiya Sherman, Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

"Bastyr gave me the space and opportunity to recreate my life as the healthcare practitioner as I saw myself. The work I have accomplished in both the Masters and Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine could not have been completed in any other setting, nor with any other program in the country."

Naturopathic Medicine Speaker – Olivia Froelich, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

You must approach the study of naturopathic medicine with passion and determination, knowing that frustrations will happen and that it won't be glorious at all times, and that this is to be expected, even necessary, in order to make you the best clinician and thinker that you can be.” 

San Diego Campus

Gradate Speaker – Kelly Redfield, Master of Science in Nutrition for Wellness

As my time at Bastyr comes to a close, I look back two years ago at myself and realize just how much I've matured as a student, individual, and future health educator. Before coming to Bastyr, I do not believe I had full confidence in myself as a leader. However, Bastyr has been a place that has challenged me while giving me the opportunities to gain assurance in myself to be a leader as well as fully ignite my passion for spreading nutrition education.” 

Naturopathic Medicine Speaker – Britta Nevitt, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

“Bastyr University is so much more than an educational institution. It is a collaborative community, dedicated not just to helping people, but to empowering others with the knowledge and tools to help themselves. I am continuously inspired by the selfless humility of my colleagues, peers and mentors, who have taken the road less traveled in pursuit of making a difference.”  

Naturopathic Medicine Speaker – Virginia Sweetan, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

"It is as if the universe opened her arms to deliver all that I needed with perfect timing and clarity. Aside from an intense educational experience, I reconnected with my deeper self with immense joy. I came for the naturopathic medical knowledge but I am leaving with profound purpose & rekindled passion. With regard to my purpose and passion, I wrote this poem,

I bought my soul from my mind who had borrowed it from my heart

It cost me dearly to separate it from its rightful owner 

The price to return it is my salvation, so I paid."