Bastyr Continues to Build Community During Unprecedented Year

person on virtual meditation session

Despite the unprecedented pandemic, students, faculty and staff remain committed to learning, building community and helping others achieve better health. Bastyr University is proud to share the following updates: 

ND Student Creates COVID-19 Research Database for NDs  

Dual Degree ND/Public Health student Ryan Phillips felt called to support his community during COVID-19. After hearing about a PPE shortage in Pierce County, he decided to reroute his capstone project to respond. In addition, he created a database of resources for the naturopathic medicine community. Read more here. 

Virtual Visits Present New Educational Opportunity 

The pandemic has shifted how many providers interact with patients and diagnose conditions. At Bastyr University, both clinics have responded to the crisis by shifting exclusively over to virtual visits. It remains unclear as to when society will return to normal, but Bastyr University hopes to continue to provide virtual visits long after the pandemic, so that students can have this critical training and bring it to their future practices. Though many prefer in-person care, telemedicine has many positive outcomes. Particularly in our physical medicine shift, Bastyr University Team Care groups have been able to assess “working from home” conditions to correct any poor ergonomics and offer basic exercises that patients can try from home. 

Campus-Wide Meditation a Success 

Maintaining community is such an important tool for mental health and for continuing to stay on track with school. When shelter-in-place orders came into effect in March, faculty, staff and students had to find creative ways to stay in touch with their peers. ND faculty member Brad Lichtenstein held a 30-minute loving-kindness and gratitude meditation on Zoom and Instagram live – over 200 people tuned in on both platforms! 

President of Bastyr University to Take on New Position within AANMC 

Effective this summer, Bastyr University President Harlan Patterson is the AANMC’s new Vice President. Together with the rest of the AANMC Board of Directors, he will evaluate and provide direction that will assist in the advancement of ND education.   

As we begin Fall Quarter a little differently this year, the Bastyr Community looks forward to the new friendships that will form and how we can strengthen our commitment to the natural health arts and sciences. 


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