Get Involved – Health in the Climate Crisis 

hurricane spiral as seen from the upper atmosphere

The climate crisis isn’t going away. As the years continue, the impacts of climate change continue to spread into more communities, often affecting the most vulnerable. Many feel overwhelmed, asking themselves, “What can I do to make a difference?”  Getting involved in the conversation is a great first step.  

Bastyr University, together with the Communities of Color Coalition (C3), the Naturopathic Alliance, and North Sound ACH will host the Health in the Climate Crisis: Integrative Approaches for Individuals and Communities Conference. This event is free and open to the public.  

In this virtual conference, you will: 

  • Learn how to use your voice to affect public policy 
  • Gain practical tools to protect yourself and your community 
  • Help pave the way to health equity 
  • Hear from community leaders on nutrition, activism and mental health 
  • And More!  

Conference topics include:  

  • BIPOC community perspectives on health due to climate change  
  • Nutritional issues including food sovereignty 
  • Sustainable activism  
  • Supporting emotional health and well-being 
  • Youth climate activism 
  • How individuals can influence climate change legislation and public policy 

“The health effects of the climate crisis will be felt in every part of society, directly and indirectly, especially in marginalized communities. Climate change is the largest, most intersectional issue of our time. Bastyr University has partnered with the North Sound Accountable Community of Health, C3 and for an inaugural conference to educate health providers and community members together, drawing on the wisdom and expertise of each. These kinds of partnerships are the core of the conference, climate justice and workable solutions to climate change. As an organizer, I’m awed and grateful at the generosity and depth of knowledge of our partners, our speakers and panelists. As an educator I’m joyful, because I know how valuable this shared knowledge will be,” said Kathleen Lumiere,  DAOM, LAc, Conference Event Organizer and Associate Professor in the Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine Department.  

This virtual event takes place on May 15 and 16 – attendees may attend the whole event or attend the sessions they are most interested in.

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