President's Message - December 2011

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As we close out the calendar year and take one final look back at 2011, I am reminded of the many successes Bastyr University has enjoyed this year. Here are a few highlights:

New San Diego Campus

After a long journey and many months of planning and research, over the summer we announced that Bastyr University's Southern California campus will be located in San Diego, with plans for the first class to begin in fall 2012.

To become the first regionally accredited naturopathic medical institution in California is a tremendous honor, and we look forward to providing the same quality education as our Kenmore, Washington, campus does.

Economic Impact on the Community

This fall, Bastyr University received the results from a new study that showed that its economic impact on the local community in 2010 was more than $136 million with an additional $30 million impact as a result of the construction of our LEED platinum-certified Student Village housing project.

As the University fulfills its mission in educating future leaders in the natural health arts and sciences, it also serves as a significant economic engine for our local community, county and state. We are proud that Bastyr University, which began over 30 years ago as a fledgling professional school with about 30 students, has experienced the type of growth reported in this important study.

The study found that Bastyr University infused dollars into the local economy in a number of ways, including:

  1. The economic activity associated with the University’s operations
  2. The economic activity associated with investment projects
  3. The economic activity created by the University’s teaching clinic
  4. The spending by students who would not otherwise live in the area were it not for Bastyr University
  5. The economic activity generated by local alumni 

However, what is more satisfying than keeping the dollars flowing is the knowledge that we are contributing to the overall health and wellness of our community.

Updating our Brand Identity

We are eagerly putting the finishing touches on some very big changes to Bastyr University's website and logo. As we continue to be faithful to our mission and vision, the time has come for our visual identity to better reflect the rich heritage and character of our institution. After more than a decade of the same design, colors and navigation, we are redesigning our website from the ground up, including a new University logo and a new color palette. Stay tuned in early 2012 for the unveiling of our new site.

Looking Ahead to 2012: A Centennial Celebration

Next year also marks the 100th birthday of our University’s namesake, Dr. John Bartholomew Bastyr. Dr. Bastyr was seen as a pioneer and promoter in the field of natural medicine, even during times when naturopathy was drawing fire from the allopathic community. His commitment to science-based natural medicine continued throughout his career as he spent a great amount of energy researching medical literature and applying the latest findings to naturopathic principles and laboratory studies.

To honor the contributions and legacy of this great healer and innovator, Bastyr University is planning several major events throughout 2012 for our students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends. Please check the website to receive updates about our celebration plans.

All told, 2011 was a remarkably fruitful year for Bastyr University. 2012 promises to bear another fantastic period of growth, new beginnings and celebrations for us.

Thank you to the students, faculty, staff, alumni and benefactors of our fine institution for making it such a wonderful place to be. And thank you to those who believe in and support natural medicine as a means to get and stay healthy. All the best to you and yours this holiday season.

In Health,

Daniel K. Church, PhD
Bastyr University President



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