The End of the Academic Year – The Beginning of New Careers

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June is a bittersweet time of year for many academic institutions, including ours, as we say goodbye to students who will begin their chosen professions. We are sad to see so many hard working, talented and driven young men and women leaving our campus, but proud knowing that they head out into the world armed with knowledge and experience to make a positive difference in the world.  As we take time to recognize those who are graduating this month, we also take a look at other exciting events happening this month.

2013 Commencement

On June 24 we have the honor of conferring degrees on the Bastyr University Class of 2013 at Benaroya Hall in Seattle. For me, there are few events as enjoyable as commencement – shaking the hands and seeing the faces of the more than 230 students who will have completed their studies this year. It is a happy time for all involved, a wonderful conclusion to academic careers and a time of new professional beginnings.

Bastyr University California Students Complete Their First Year

Another campus, another kind of celebration. No graduates yet from our California campus, but the inaugural class of naturopathic doctoral students just reached an equally impressive milestone: the end of their first year of studies at our new San Diego campus. In addition to the academic rigors of a Bastyr University education, these pioneers were responsible for helping get the campus up and running and they did so with a positive, can-do attitude. It is heartwarming to know our students take their roles as leaders so seriously, but at the same time with a solid sense of humor. Their inspiration can best be exemplified by this contest-winning video. Congratulations on a fine first year!

Donor Recognition Reception

It’s not just the students, faculty and staff who make Bastyr University such a special place: the people who support us with donations are the engines that help keep our campuses and clinics running smoothly. Without their generous contributions, we would not be able to accomplish the lofty goals we set each year. This is why on June 25 we will be hosting a donor recognition reception in our medicinal herb garden to honor those who have given so enthusiastically this past year. Every donation, no matter big or small, makes a positive difference in the lives of our students, faculty and parents.

Summer Classes, Workshops and Seminars

The end of the school year may upon us, but there will still be plenty of activity happening on our campuses. Be sure to check out the workshops being offered by the Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations in Kenmore, Wash. We also offer certificate, community and continuing education opportunities. Be sure to check them out.

June promises to be an eventful month at Bastyr University. I hope you have the opportunity to join us for one of the myriad celebrations and events in the next thirty days.

Portrait of President Daniel K. Church, PhD

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Daniel K. Church, PhD

Bastyr University President