Video: Health Benefits of Herbal Teas

Friday, October 25, 2013

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Learn about the medicinal benefits of the Choice Organic Wellness Teas created in a partnership with Bastyr University from Dhaval Dhru, MD, chair of the Department of Ayurvedic Sciences.

Herbal teas can do more than just warm you up on a chilly fall or winter day. The right kind of blend also can help boost your immune system, soothe an achey stomach or help you breathe more easily, according to Dhaval Dhru, MD, chair of Bastyr University's new Department of Ayurvedic Sciences.

In the following short video, Dr. Dhru explains the health benefits of herbal teas, focusing on the certified organic Wellness Teas that Bastyr helped create with Seattle-based Choice Organic Teas:

The Choice Organic Wellness Teas are available for purchase at the Bastyr Dispensary and Bastyr Bookstore, as well as at area grocery stores that sell natural products.

The blends include:

  • Breathing Space
  • Easy Digest
  • Energy Boost
  • Mental Focus
  • Regularity
  • Rest Assured
  • Simply Detox
  • Throat Cozy

For more information, including a list of the herbs used in each blend, go to the Choice Organic Wellness Teas website.