Kenmore Campus Earns Recycling Award for Sixth Consecutive Year

Best Workplace for Waste Prevention and Recycling logo

From the classroom to the workplace, the University puts the environment first to make way for a more sustainable future. For the sixth time, Bastyr University has been named a “Best Workplace for Waste Prevention and Recycling” by King County, Washington.

The repeat honor illustrates Bastyr’s longtime commitment to being a community leader in green living. Even as the Kenmore campus has grown, trash levels have remained consistent and the University keeps up to 51 tons of materials out of landfills annually. The University offers designated recycling areas for mixed paper goods, compost, batteries, bulbs, electronics, Styrofoam and metal. The school also has replaced over 200 incandescent lamps with LEDs, and plans to switch over entirely in the next year.

Natural and green living is at the heart of Bastyr University, not only through its strong recycling and waste control program, but also by providing eco-friendly transportation options (including bike rentals, shuttle buses, electric car-charging stations), LEED Platinum-certified student housing, a whole-food nutrition kitchen and organic gardens.