The Secret’s Out: Bastyr is More Than an Outstanding Educational Institution

A bride and a groom walk down the aisle of Bastyr Chapel.

When you think about Bastyr University, maybe the first thing that comes to mind is Bastyr’s rigorous multidisciplinary curriculum in science-based natural medicine. Or perhaps you think of our respected faculty, our leading-edge research and clinical training, or feel proud of Bastyr’s emphasis on transforming the health and well-being of the human community.

But what about music recordings, weddings and conference and catering services at our Kenmore campus?

We are a University well-rounded in a number of areas, beyond offering a stellar education in the natural arts and sciences. Bastyr also provides a whole host of resources and services — often available to the general public and other nonprofits. And word is getting out.

Bastyr Chapel

Take for instance the recent buzz around our beloved Bastyr Chapel. The European-style, nearly five-story-high chapel has never been a shrinking violet — many people have fallen in love with its hand-carved oak paneling, dark oak pews, marble columns, terrazzo floors and brilliant mosaic artwork. Quite often people also fall in love in the chapel, taking advantage of its long history of hosting weddings.

Once a bit of an insider’s secret, the chapel’s grandeur and romantic atmosphere is gaining serious national attention; it was recently featured as one of WeddingWire’s top picks for College or University wedding venues. (Slide #15) The site’s editors rhapsodized, “the chapel is a jaw-dropping space for a ceremony, reminiscent of a royal wedding venue.”

The chapel is far more than beautiful to the eye, however. It turns out it is also world-renowned for its nearly perfect acoustics. Musicians and outfits of all types record in the Bastyr chapel, including those recording soundtracks for video games. Film soundtracks for many well-known movies have also been recorded here — sometimes in secrecy. This awards season, the Bastyr Chapel has been in the news for its connection to movies that have been recently nominated, like The Revenant and Carol.  

The chapel is also available to rent for concerts, regularly hosting choral groups, orchestras, holiday concerts and more. Also available for rent at our Kenmore campus: great conference and meeting services for non-profits. While you’re here, you can enjoy Bastyr’s catering services or eat in our innovative, award-winning Dining Commons.

If you’re nearer to our Bastyr California campus, don’t despair! You have a wealth of Cooking for Healthy Living Classes and numerous other events to take advantage of, at the Bastyr University Clinic in San Diego.

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For more detailed information on weddings, reserving meeting room space and overnight accommodations, please contact Bastyr Conference Services.



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