Nutrition Alumna Becomes Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

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Seattle-based dietitian, nutritionist and health writer Ginger Hultin, RD, (’11) is finishing up year one of her three-year term serving as a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. After a rigorous application process, these spokespeople serve as media experts on all things nutrition. The Academy often receives questions from reporters regarding certain health topics, which they send to the spokesperson to address the question in an informed, researched-based manner based on their area of expertise. Hultin has five different specialty areas including cancer nutrition; herbal remedies and phytochemicals; holistic, integrative and functional nutrition; nutrigenomics and recipe development; and makeovers. She typically conducts 5-10 media interviews a month, and deadlines range from five minutes to 12 hours. Some of her most recent interviews have been with CNN, Food Network and The Seattle Times.   

Ginger Hultin’s path to Bastyr was a less conventional one. After receiving her bachelor of arts degree in English, Hultin became certified as a personal trainer. Like many large gyms, there were quotas to meet and her manager told her to write “nutritionist” on her business cards so they could sell supplements and vitamins to their members. Unfortunately, in the state of Washington there is no license to deter individuals from calling themselves a nutritionist, but Ginger didn’t feel right claiming to be a nutritionist without any training. So after researching the qualifications of a legitimate nutritionist, she knew where her journey would take her next. Hultin quit her job as a personal trainer, took the necessary prerequisites, and enrolled in Bastyr’s Master of Science in Nutrition program in 2009.

While at Bastyr, she took an elective course about writing for health, specifically for the purpose of training students to start and maintain blogs. The skills she took from this class segued into her current blog, Champagne Nutrition, where readers can find plant-based recipes, nutrition trends and fitness tips. Ginger’s passion for finding the balance between staying healthy and having fun gives this blog a relatable, laid-back feel. 

Hultin is grateful for her time at Bastyr. “Bastyr has given me so much that has added to my career. From taking an evidence-based approach to nutrition, to cooking with whole foods, understanding the science behind supplements, and looking at health holistically, it has really shaped the way I practice. I have loved the wonderful support and community there. I am still close with so many professors and fellow students; those friendships will last a lifetime.”

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