"Top Chef" Raises $3,500 for Seattle's Teen Feed

Winning Team of Bastyr’s 7th Annual Top Chef competition

Bastyr’s 7th Annual Top Chef competition brought the community together for delicious food and to support homeless teens. Four teams made up of 16 students from diverse studies and culinary backgrounds competed for the title of “Top Chef: Bastyr.” Similar to the popular television show, “Top Chef,” the students each prepare a unique dish for culinary experts to judge. Top Chef has become a Bastyr staple event and proudly gives 100% of its proceeds to Seattle’s Teen Feed to support the city’s homeless youth, this year raising $3,500.

The winning team, “Cut Throat,” included students MinhHai Doan, Elayna Kober, Allie Lechowitz, Jazmyne Stroy, and Honoka Takino. The students paired roasted beet sour cream, pickled beets and radish slaw tossed in a roasted tomatillo dressing to create Sweet and Spicy Beef Empanadas.

"Participating in Top Chef was such a creative and fun experience. It was amazing how we all came together, shared our ideas and thoughts and were able to create the winning dish.I know we all took pride in what we accomplished that night," said Jazmyne. " I'm also thankful to have been able to be a part of an event that supported a heart worthy cause.