An Interview with Katie McKenna, LMHC, CN

A Short Bio:

Katie McKenna is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Nutritionist at Katie McKenna Integrative Counseling and Nutrition. Located in Seattle, Katie practices integrative health therapy – a philosophy that “bridges the science of biochemistry and nutrition with psychology and mental health.” Katie works with patients who struggle with conditions such as obesity, eating disorders or food addictions, and believes that physical healing and long-term change cannot occur without emotional healing.  

A Day in the Life:

Katie’s practice centers around patients experiencing disordered eating, trauma and anxiety. Katie works with patients over the long term; Many attend weekly sessions for 6 months, with communication continuing in between sessions via email or phone calls. So much about eating has an emotional component – Katie encourages patients to ask questions about their own body and tune in to their energy levels and mood.  EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is also a large component of the mental health work Katie practices.

A Career in Nutrition and Counseling:

In 2003, Katie earned her bachelor’s degree in nutrition from Bastyr and, after teaching cooking demos and diabetes education to members of the Quinault Indian Reservation, realized that she wanted to go back to her alma mater and add a counseling focus to her career. She graduated with a dual master’s degree in Nutrition and Counseling Psychology in 2009, and from there, shifted her focus more towards counseling. 

Katie’s master’s degree in nutrition remains a crucial part of her practice. Many of her patients come to her confused, wondering which nutrition information or diet is science-based and healthy. Katie enjoys helping her patients ask questions so that they can better learn their own body and apply lasting changes, both mentally and physically. But even more important than nutrition, is the work done to nurture self-esteem, reduce anxiety and heal trauma.

In her Own Words:

“I am so grateful for my education with Bastyr, it prepared me well for my career.  It is a great privilege to do this deep healing work with patients.  Bastyr helped me find my path in life in the healing arts.”