Marisa Pelligrini, Student Ambassador

Marisa Pelligrini smiling

Janis Gruska, Student Ambassador

Tucker Winship, Student Ambassador

Kent Littleton, Student Ambassador

Portrait of Kent Littleton, ND

Kaleb C. Lund, Student Ambassador

Kaleb C. Lund, PhD

Jenn Dazey, Student Ambassador

Jenn Dazey, ND, RH (AHG)
Dr. Jenn Dazey is a core faculty member in the Department of Botanical Medicine who specializes in the use of herbal medicine in her private practice. She has a special interest in the cultivation and processing of medicinal plants.

Sylvie P. Shuttleworth, Student Ambassador

Cynthia A. Wenner, Student Ambassador

Portrait of Cynthia A. Wenner, PhD

Cynthia Hope, Student Ambassador

Cynthia Hope, ND

Lela Altman, Student Ambassador