Chinese Herbal Medicine Certificate

Quick Facts


Kenmore Campus

General Requirements

  • Master’s degree in Acupuncture from an ACAOM accredited program
  • Grade C or better in prerequisite courses

Length of Program

2 years (9 quarters)


880 hours/59 quarter credits over 9 quarters. 352 hours of the 880 hours are dedicated to clinical training.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Career Opportunities

  • Licensed acupuncturists (LAc) who expands their therapeutic scope of practice in the field of Chinese herbal medicine.
  • Acupuncturist who wishes to own & operate a Chinese herbal medicine dispensary.


Expand your acupuncture practice with Bastyr’s unique Chinese Herbal Medicine Certificate (CCHM). The CCHM curriculum enables students to gain skills and knowledge in the principles of Chinese herbology, including materia medica, formulations, prepared medicines, dispensary, herbal therapeutics and clinical training at the Chinese herbal medicine teaching clinic. The CCHM curriculum covers a minimum of 300 herbs and other therapeutic substances and a minimum of 150 herbal formulas. Case studies are presented to enhance the learning process. Students also gain skills in understanding drug/herb interactions.

Students in the CHM certificate program may also choose to participate in China Externship.


Students must have completed their master’s degree in Acupuncture from an ACAOM accredited program and received a C or better in all prerequisite courses.


The curriculum table lists the tentative schedule of courses each quarter. Next to each course are the number of credits per course (Crdt.), the lecture hours each week (Lec.). This table reflects a full-time course of study. A part-time option is also available.

PDF icon 2019-20 CCHM.pdf

Kenmore Campus Location

The 51-acre Bastyr University campus, nestled among fields and woodlands on the northeast shore of Lake Washington, is uniquely suited for the study of natural health sciences.
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