Welcome to Our New Website!

Why a new site?

We're happy to say our new site is much easier to navigate than the previous one. The new site is organized around how our audience ­— students, future students, alumni, staff, members of the public — looks for information. After learning from surveys, usability testing, visual click tests and traffic analytics, we've tried to make a more user-friendly site.

We also needed a new site to keep pace with Bastyr's rapid growth. We've matured into a multidisciplinary institution with 17 programs and, in September 2012, two campuses. The new site lets us showcase our expanding offerings. There's a new degree-finder tool to let you search by area of study, level of study and other learning options like birth professions training and continuing education.

Where do I start?

The horizontal "mega menu" bar that runs across the top of each page is a great place to start exploring. Its drop-down menus provide many of the pages our users look for the most. 

Mega menu screen capture

My application for admission was in progress. Do you still have it?

Yes, your online application is stored on a secure server. You can log in to your account here to apply online, make changes or request new information. Or contact an admissions advisor here.

Where's the alumni job board?

We've got an expanded alumni services section, which includes the professional listings, office space directory, alumni directory and continuing education listings.

Where do I find _____?

All of our most popular links are still here: Continuing education, conference services, bookstore, library, dining commons, recipes and health tips.

What happened to the old site?

It's still available at www2.bastyr.edu for a limited time if you prefer to find things there.

Why the new colors?

For years, Bastyr University was known by the color green, which signified respect for nature. As we continue to pursue our lofty mission and vision, we believe our visual identity should better reflect the prestige, rich heritage and acumen of our institution. Our new color palette was chosen to represent our institutional values and to reflect our rootedness in nature:

  • Cranberry: The dark red color represents energy, passion and leadership. Its namesake, the cranberry plant, has both culinary and medicinal uses in Western traditions.
  • Ginger: The golden tan color represents prestige. The ginger root has culinary and medicinal uses in both Western and Eastern traditions.
  • Juniper: The slate-blue accent color represents healing and wisdom, and is shared with Bastyr Center for Natural Health’s brand identity. The juniper plant’s frosted blue berries have culinary and medicinal uses in Western traditions.

Is that a new logo?

Our new logo displays our new colors while keeping the same typeface as the former logo. The word "University" is placed on equal footing with "Bastyr" to articulate that we have grown from a small single-purpose naturopathic college into a full multidisciplinary natural health university.

new logo

A new University seal provides another visual branding element. The seal includes the year of Bastyr’s founding along with the Latin phrase, "vis medicatrix naturae," which means "the healing power of nature."

new seal

What else is new?

As you poke around, be sure to try out some of the new features:

Will the site work on my mobile device?

Yes! Our new website is optimized for viewing on any mobile device or tablet. Additionally, we are pleased to announce we have developed a new custom iPhone app. It features news, events and social media and it allows current students to access their grades, billing and class scheduling from their iPhones.

How can I make a suggestion or send a comment?

We want your feedback because it helps us make site improvements. There's a "Give Feedback" link at the top of every page.

Special thanks to the Bastyr campus community for helping our beta test over the last two months.