Culinary Prowess on Display at Final Dinner

For the culmination of the Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Culinary Arts program at Bastyr University, graduating students design and execute a multicourse, sit-down dinner to a group of invited guests.

Adjunct faculty member Chef Wendy Jordan guides student toward the event as part of the required Culinary Skills III course. During the previous two years, the curriculum for these students, including Whole Foods Production, Chef’s Pantry, the Therapeutic Whole Foods Cooking series and Culinary Skills I and II, have built the skills necessary to put forth this grand finale.

Each course of the dinner (there were 10 courses this year!) features an original dish, created by the students. Not only must students show their culinary prowess, but the dishes must highlight local, fresh, whole foods per concepts taught in all of their courses. As each course, exquisitely plated, is served, the students responsible for creating the dish give a brief description of the dish.

This year, the sixth year of this event, the table was set near the beautiful Bastyr gardens where foods was served al fresco. Guests included Bastyr President Chatles "Mac" Powell, PhDLynelle Golden, PhD, dean of the School of Natural Health Arts and Sciences; Debra Boutin, MS, RD, chair of the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Science; as well as local culinary experts Chef Karen Jurgenson from Quillisascut Farms and Chef Ron Askew of Forest Ridge School. 

Recipes include: