AIHM Student Alliance-We are #StrongerTogether

Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM) students

What began as a small collection of integrative medicine students has quickly transformed into a multi-disciplinary alliance that now includes several universities. These men and women saw the need for a student presence in the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM), where they could network, discuss the future of integrative medicine, and support each other in their efforts towards mind, body, and spiritual health. One of the founders of the AIHM Student Alliance is Bastyr University California student, Pedi Mirdamadi.  

Mirdamadi, a second year Naturopathic Medicine student and Co-Founder/Holistic Nutritionist at The Optimal You (, serves as Chair of Functional Health on AIHM’s Executive Board and proudly represents one of only four universities serving in this capacity. Recognizing the reputation of the AIHM, Mirdamandi and the rest of the Executive Board began brainstorming ways to get students involved in the AIHM from the beginning of their careers. 

Since its inception in early 2016, the AIHM Student Alliance has grown to over 80 members. These students had the opportunity to volunteer at the annual AIHM Conference in San Diego in October, which provided a platform for networking and meeting with some of the integrative medicine’s top professionals.  

“We were truly overwhelmed and humbled by the encouragement and support we receive from the AIHM community at large,” said Mirdamadi.  “We were welcomed with open arms!” 

AIHM President, Dr. Mimi Guarneri, is one such supporter. She was guest of honor at an event for all interdisciplinary medical students that Mirdamadi and others recently coordinated. Dr. Guarneri discussed the future of integrative medicine and reiterated to students that, as future health care practitioners from many disciplines, all are truly stronger together.  Students enjoyed the opportunity to discuss their goals and foster relationships with other medical students and the AIHM.  

“We were amazed to see students from Washington, Florida, the Philippines, and numerous other states in attendance interested in creating their own student chapters in their respective cities,” said Mirdamadi.  

The excitement and energy shared between students was incredible and Bastyr University was strongly represented.  Partnerships began to form as students shared their experiences that led them to integrative medicine and their vision for the future.  

The AIHM Student Alliance provides networking and professional opportunities to all students within the scope of interdisciplinary medicine. For more information on how you can join, visit the website at 




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