Bastyr University Researcher Launches Five-day Program to Bring Progressive, Personalized Medicine to Those with Parkinson’s Disease

Friday, June 16, 2017

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Researcher brings PD Summer School to Bastyr

In 2014, Dale Bredesen, MD, demonstrated reversal of cognitive decline in an Alzheimer’s population using a comprehensive, personalized therapeutic program.* Bastyr University researcher Laurie Mischley, ND, MPH, PhD thinks a similar approach can also be applied to Parkinson’s disease. Mischley insists, “there are plenty of established strategies for slowing, and even reversing, PD. Most don’t come in the form of drugs and surgery and can’t be taught in a 30 minute clinic visit."

With this in mind, Dr. Mischley is facilitating PD Summer School, a five-day medical-educational retreat for people with PD, occurring August 13-17, 2017 at Bastyr’s Kenmore campus outside Seattle, Washington.

“There are evidence-based strategies that improve PD outcomes,” said Mischley. “Through this school, we will provide individuals with what they need to go home with real-world action items.”

These evidence-based strategies are an outgrowth of her research efforts, including her recent publication of “Use of a self-rating scale of the nature and severity of symptoms in Parkinson’s Disease (PRO-PD): Correlation with quality of life and existing scales of disease severity” in npj Parkinson’s Disease, available online at

Each attendee will receive recommendations catered to their unique symptoms, situation, and priorities – recommendations that will be shared with their physicians back home for information and follow up. The recommendations will be based on individual symptoms and personalized labs that attendees will need to complete prior to coming to PD School.

All attendees will also get the latest information on medications, environmental toxins, nutrition and diet, exercise, and more from a faculty of PD experts whom Mischley has assembled. Participants will receive receipts for the entire cost of the program to submit to their insurance companies for reimbursement (equivalent to ~20 hours of patient care plus the labs). Percent reimbursement will vary based on insurer and plan.

Accommodations will be available at Bastyr’s campus and the nearby McMenamin’s Anderson School.

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