San Diego Students Raise over $4K for Puerto Rico Recovery

Bastyr San Diego students raised $4,300 in donations to the Foundation for Puerto Rico

The Naturopathic Community didn't miss a beat in jumping into action after hurricanes devastated Puerto Rico and countless other locations this past fall. One ND student and her family from the Virgin Islands gathered carts and carts of food and supplies to donate to those most impacted in their community. Some in the community looked to immediately pack a bag and help on the ground. And still, others began fundraising from afar. 

Fundraising isn't always easy, and it often requires a creative mind to engage donors. In the case of Bastyr San Diego students, their creativity and collaboration within their community resulted in over $4,300 donated to the Foundation for Puerto Rico. The fundraiser was led by two students - one of which was personally affected by the hurricane. 

Through various efforts including a silent auction open to the San Diego community (with items donated by local businesses, students, and others), auctioning off an opportunity to shave the infamous beard of their professor (see above), recruiting professors to donate if they couldn't keep a straight face when publicly reading silly jokes, auctioning off the opportunity to paint the fingernails of their gross anatomy lab professor, and more! To donate to this foundation, please see the fundraising page here.







Written by Griffin McMath, ND, Community Outreach Coordinator, Institute for Natural Medicine (INM)

Photos from Angel Barrientos