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A scene from "The Withing Project"

The Withing Project: A Recap

Art and science intersect in a performance piece created, in part, by a Bastyr researcher
Doctor with a jar of honey and a lemon

Separating Fact from Fiction About Home Medical Remedies

Bastyr experts weigh in on whether certain home remedies actually work.
Mistress of Ceremonies Angela King of Northwest Cable News (NWCN)

Founders’ Day Dinner Raises Record-Setting Funds for Scholarship

Bastyr University made history on November 7, 2015, raising a record $95,000 at the ninth annual event.

Bastyr University Celebrates Its Past, Present & Future

University’s founders are honored and new president is officially welcomed.
A man meditates on the beach

Breathe Your Way to Reduced Health Care Costs

Bastyr University's mind-body medicine guru, Dr. Brad Lichtenstein, ND, BCB, shares strategies to take a moment, take a breath, and take yourself to a much calmer, healthier place.
Joni Olehausen

Bastyr University California’s Dr. Joni Olehausen Named Finalist in Two “Healthcare Champions” Categories

Congratulations to Bastyr University California Associate Dean for Naturopathic Medicine Joni Olehausen, ND, who was a finalist in two different categories in the San Diego Business Journal

Your 5 Key Take-aways From Naturopathic Medicine Week 2015

During Naturopathic Medicine Week 2015, we spread the word, started discussions and recognized the positive impact naturopathic medicine has on the human community. Here's an infographic roundup of what we learned!

Bastyr Students' 2015 Summer Postcards

Bastyr University students make the most of their summers, hiking, sailing, volunteering, training and studying the roots of medicine the world over. Have a look at the snapshots they sent of their summer adventures.
Dr. Leanna Standish in her office at the Kenmore campus.

Bastyr Leads Innovation in Cancer Treatment and Prevention

Dr. Leanna Standish and the Bastyr Integrative Oncology Research Center fight fear and misconception about cancer with hard science, data, natural medicine — and with the compassion and tools that address a patient’s whole experience.